You Received a Letter From Our Office

You received a hand addressed envelope with no indication it was from a law office and you want to know: What the heck!? You have probably seen enough "formal" mail to last a lifetime. None of it good or fun to open. And, given the situation, you would rather the fewer people know the better.
Foreclosure IRS Judgment
When the lawsuit was filed, it became part of the public record. We got your name and address from the lawsuit records. You probably have received several other pieces of mail from sources claiming to be able to help you refinance, sell your home, or other attorneys offering their services. Our letter was obviously different.

We respect your privacy, no one knows that the letter you received from us was from an attorney. But knowing who to talk to in your situation is not easy. Asking a friend or family member for the name of an attorney they can recommend to deal with a lawsuit just opens up questions you may feel uncomfortable answering. Looking in the Yellow Pages is an option, but there are dozens of attorneys listed...who do you trust?
The IRS has taken many steps to get you to this point and either you have ignore the problem hoping it would go away - it never does - or you were unsuccessful in dealing with the bureaucracy. You have problem seen a lot of commericals on TV that promise help and wonder...why couldn't I get that kind of help?

Dealing with attorneys in other states by mail and phone is just not appropriate when dealing with such personal issues. But finding someone experienced local means relying on either a personal referral or the yellow pages.
The hardest part of your situation is coming in to see Victoria the first time. You have come this far, give us a call.
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