Your First Visit to Our Office

If you think being "professional" requires dark paneling on the walls, deep leather furniture, and antique Oriental rugs on the floor, then you are going to be surprised by my office. My office is in a neighborhood setting and our windows are often decorated for an upcoming holiday. There is a sturdy rug that can absorb spilled juice and be none the worse for wear on the floor and the walls are decorated with photographs of my beloved Montana and art work created by my well-loved ten-year-old daughter.

There is a room for your kids to play with toys, color, play computer games and watch videos: Your children are always very welcome. My daughter is in the office, after school and during vacations, most days. Occasionally, a ball comes rolling out of the kids' room and comes to rest in the front office; unnoticed for a while, but generally caught and put back where it belongs.

My clients feel free to drop in when they see that I am in the office; to check up on the progress of their cases or to trade stories with Tracy. If it is a scheduled "paper work day" you might find me in comfortable sweats and a t-shirt. We are available by phone from 9AM to 9PM most days (I go to church on Sunday and my priest frowns on the phone ringing during the service . . .) but you might find me in the office on Saturday or Sunday or in the evening, too.

If I am not in the office and you call to say you are on your way, I can be there to meet you in ten minutes, most of the time. If you don't need a lawyer that is available during non-core business hours, then please, go to the Square and find a lawyer you can only talk to 9AM to12 Noon and 2PM to 4PM who will charge you for each phone call and "visit" to the office so that he can pay for the paneling, deep leather chairs and Oriental rugs.

I have been practicing law for more than twenty-five years. Before that, as a law student, I worked in the student clinic for two years. I have successfully represented clients in THOUSANDS of divorces and bankruptcies; done HUNDREDS of real estate closings, wills and minor criminal actions. I studied to be a teacher at UW thirty years ago and I think I communicate well with clients. I usually speak English . . . not legalese. I don't wear sweats and t-shirts or Capri pants and midriff-barin' shirts in court.

In my office we maintain strict client confidentiality; if you and your mother are my clients, don't expect to find that out from me! I do what I say whether I am talking to you or an attorney on the other side of your case. My work is done when I promise unless there is some emergency. My fees are based on more than two decades of legal experience, not leather chairs, dark wood paneling and Oriental rugs.

If you are looking for a family friendly atmosphere, unmatched access, experience, quality service and reasonable fees, your first visit to my office will not be your last.

We look forward to seeing you, soon!