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Over the last fifteen years, the emphasis of my law practice has been helping families cope with debt. I estimate (conservatively) that I have successfully helped over a thousand families and individuals.

A Chapter 13 is much more comprehensive than "non-profit" credit counselors because it includes secured debt such as homes and cars, and all your unsecured creditors MUST participate (at 0% interest and with no new penalties or fees!).

Usually, you can keep your home and car(s). As a matter of fact, keeping your home or cars is one of the good reasons to consider Chapter 13.

If you are interested in reading something about bankruptcy before you decide call me, please take a moment and read my Bankruptcy Guide.
At your first meeting with me, we will sit down, together, and look at your entire situation. I will tell you all your options: perhaps the solution will be a Chapter 13 bankruptcy but maybe it will be something less. If bankruptcy is the answer and you decide to hire me, you can count on me to work quickly and be as accessible as possible. If you prefer, you can send email to

Chapter 13

From our free Bankruptcy Guide:

A Chapter 13 is also known as a debt consolidation or reorganization plan. The Federal Court supervises the repayment of your creditors: in fact, the Federal Court has appointed a "trustee" to pay your creditors with the monthly payment you will send to him or her. While you are making Chapter 13 payments, you will also be responsible to make payment on your normal living expenses such as rent or mortgage, utilities, food, clothing, tuition, etc. Please do not think that by filing a Chapter 13, your mortgage payment will be lowered. You are required to keep the payment of your normal living expenses totally current while making your trustee payment.